Design Proposals

relay route train station (5).png
relay route train station (4).png

The below images demonstrate details of the ideas and proposals so far. To see more detail, click the CLOSER LOOK button above each image to open a PDF in a new tab. Then use your browser to zoom in and out.

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1. The proposed active travel route connects Helensburgh with Garelochhead, passing through a number of settlements along the way. The aim of the project is to create a safer and more joined up travel facility for both locals and commuters, with improved connections into the community.

210826 Public Consultation draft issue (1).jpg

2. The walking, wheeling, and cycling route has been designed to be as continuous and easy-to-use as possible, with minimal disruption to existing roads and transport services. These diagrams demonstrate the three typical ways the route would work for different user groups. 

210826 Public Consultation draft issue2.jpg

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3. The history of Gare Loch and the surrounding area is of national significance. This story, of the area’s development and the people who shaped it, can be represented by a few reoccurring themes. Our proposals seek to embed this rich heritage through design and placemaking, preserving it for locals and visitors alike.

210826 Public Consultation draft issue3.jpg

4. We recognise the demand for new cycle facilities and attractive public places along the proposed route. This placemaking can be achieved in a number of ways, and we’re interested to know what you think would make the stops and pauses along the route more enjoyable places to spend time.

210826 Public Consultation draft issue4.jpg

What suggestions do you have for placemaking along the route?

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