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About the Project

A team of designers would like to hear your thoughts on their proposals for a redesigned route between Helensburgh and Garelochhead. The project is funded by Argyll and Bute Council, with the support of Sustrans Scotland's Places for Everyone programme, which is funded by Transport Scotland

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Project Aims

  • Make it easier and safer for people of all ages to walk, cycle, and wheel for leisure and commuting, helping to reduce the local carbon footprint.

  • Connect local amenities such as businesses, schools, transport, and tourist spots.

  • Enhance and compliment the natural beauty of the area.


Community Engagement

To ensure that this project truly improves the experience of those travelling the route, we have engaged with the community every step of the way, hosting site visits, meetings and conducting an online survey. On the 27th of June, we held a pop-up community engagement event, 'Conversations on the Coast' on West Clyde Street. This event was to show the proposals for the route and members of the design team were on site to explain the designs and answer any questions the public had. We met with lots of local people and received lots of feedback. Now our design team will work on refining these designs with the suggestions from the public. 

Have Your Say


As members of the local community, you know the area best. You can still respond to the proposals by clicking on the 'View Designs' link below. 


Please View Designs to leave your comments before Tuesday, 11th July 2023.

Survey Results

Read the full report from stage 2 of our initial survey responses by clicking the button below. The report is a brief summary of responses to four online surveys: the first being open to responses from the public, the second being exclusively for employees of HMNB Clyde at Faslane, the third for the children and parents of Garelochhead Primary School and the fourth for children and parents of Hermitage Academy. Following the closing of the survey, the Stage 3 report will be available below.

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